• Meet The Team

    Jessica Pole

    Marketing & Operations Manager

    Your role?

    Over 20 years experience in project management, EA and admin background. Working closely with Graham, I help to steer the Sterlings ship adding method and process to the madness.

    A true multitasker that will give anything a go even when its something outside of my skill set. Bringing new ideas to the table that are sometimes crazy, sometimes fun but always creative! With a strong sense of responsibility and a true team player.

    An abundance of positive energy (after coffee), enthusiasm and creativity.


    Keeping two small humans functioning on a daily basis while running marathons and signing up to various sporting events that I almost always instantly regret, I only run for the pizza!

    Quirky fact? 

    I learnt 4 languages in my younger years, Italian, Russian, French, and Spanish and now only speak fluent Spanish. It is true what they say if you don’t use it, you lose it!